Why is it important to optimise every branding opportunity in the hospitality sector?

Customers can be fickle, but by ensuring your branding is spot on, you can encourage them to come back again and again!

Choosing your brand colours, message and design is so important to ensure that it remains memorable and that it stays fresh in your customers memory long after they have left, but aside from the logo on the entrance, where else can you add your branding?

Think of the different touchpoints for your customers – reception, bar and restaurant, rooms and shared facilities such as the spa and bathrooms – all of these come with plenty of ideal branding opportunities.

In the guest bedrooms, you could make sure that there are branded towels, chocolates on the pillows and branded notepaper for note taking. But have you considered a branded coaster next to the bedside table? High quality recycled leather in your brand colours with your logo embossed in the middle would be classy and memorable. 

Equally, a fully branded dining experience in the restaurant would not only look in keeping with the image you are trying to create for your brand, but it would also be the finishing touch to your table settings.

With more and more hotel and restaurant pictures ending up on social media sharing sites such as Instagram, branded recycled leather coasters and placemats could end up taking centre stage in these pictures, with the social reach of these images sometimes getting into the thousands (if not more) – think of all that extra exposure for your business!

Our recycled leather coasters and placemats are high quality and long lasting; a simple wipe over when the party has left the table will ensure that these branded items will last for years to come, with many more uses left in them! An investment you just can’t afford to miss out on!