Our Colours

Get to know a little more about our colours...

Olive Green
Muted yet sophisticated, Olive Green symbolises peace, tranquillity, and harmony. Evoking memories of Mediterranean shores, this peaceful colour is a spectacular mix of yellow and green hues, making it the perfect colour for a relaxed environment. Never stealing the show, Olive Green coasters and placemats work well with others – particularly Royal Blue and Lemon Yellow – and allow the other pieces of tableware to really pop and steal the focus.

Jet Black
Deep, dark and mysterious, Jet Black really is a bold colour! Pairing perfectly with gold tableware and sparking accessories, Jet Black is elegant and timeless but also very versatile. One of our popular colours, Jet Black looks fantastic with every colour, but especially London Red for a bold colour theme or Dove Grey for a more toned down vibe.

Lemon Yellow
Perfect for a pop of colour, Lemon Yellow is zesty, vibrant and bold. Compatible with many other colours, Lemon Yellow adds warmth and a splash of sunshine, especially on a grey day! Paired with bright flowers and candles for an intense and colourful look, Lemon Yellow is also big and bold enough to take centre stage with paired back accessories, such as white linens and crockery.

Dove Grey
A new favourite, Dove Grey is the neutral we all need! Light, soft, but never overpowering, this light and bright shade of grey is perfect for use all year round. Equal parts masculine and feminine, this dreamy soft tone works well with other colours as well as with many decorations and accessories, never overshadowing the table theme and instead complimenting many colours and adding essential softness and warmth.

London Red
Bright, bold and vibrant, London Red is a showstopper! Think buses, telephone boxes, fire engines and the underground – all are, or feature London Red.  Adding warmth and vibrancy to all table settings as well as a feeling of importance, London Red is an iconic colour, perfect for entertaining!

Royal Blue
Deep, vivid and regal, Royal Blue is a colour that evokes images of power and opulence. With red undertones, Royal Blue is a rich shade of blue that works with many other colours including Dove Grey for something smart and corporate and London Red for pure colour clashing goodness!

Apple Green
Bright, light and uplifting, Apple Green is the vibrant answer to Olive Green. With brightness from its yellow base tones, Apple Green is a great colour all year round but especially in Spring and Summer when the seasons really compliment this shade. Freshly cut flowers and foliage really get this Apple Green singing on your table!

Mustard Yellow
Darker and warmer than Lemon Yellow, Mustard Yellow is an earthy yet distinctive shade that can offer a wealth of dimension and character to any tablescape and setting. Complimenting other more neutral shades such as Olive Green, Mustard Yellow is timeless and classic.

Slate Grey
Featuring base shades of blue, Slate Grey is dark, atmospheric and stylish – perfect for a formal or informal dinner party. Working well against a bright pop of colour, such as Lemon Yellow or London Red, Slate Grey is classy and refined and looks particularly spectacular when paired with gold accessories or tableware.